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The goal of the game is a puzzle which has to be reconstructed. You have pieces of different shapes at your disposal and you have to find the right combination by fitting them. The aim is to cover the patterned surface without leaving any hole. Be careful, there are some levels where one or more pieces are not used in construction of the puzzle. They want to disturb you.

Last Update: Version 1.2.2. We update the website with the new solutions immediately when a new update is released. Game is available on Ios, Android, Windows, etc

Block! Hexa Puzzle is a new tetris game created by BitMango. It is easy to play and nice. It has more than 1200 levels, and more than 14 categories.Every 20 levels, you earn 1 Free Index. Another way to recover is to watch advertising videos. For that, go to a puzzle and click on the "Free" button that represents a camera. It takes about 30 seconds of video to get the precious.